Never Stop selected for LA Lift-Off
The Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival 2020 runs online Sep 13 - Oct 11. To watch Never Stop:
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1. Go to the Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival home page. 2. Scroll down to Trendsetters (Shorts 4). Click on “Tickets Here”.
Once love stains your bloodstream, not even death can set you free. In a bleak and broken Los Angeles, people use vividly powerful drugs to relive the happy moments of their past — but at a huge price. A hallucinatory short film inspired by the bizarre worlds and methods of William S. Burroughs. Written by Chad Eschman. Directed by Nell Teare. Originally a stage play, the script was written using an unconventional cut-up technique. Interested in Never Stop? Get in touch.
You’ll get an email with a link to watch all 110 short films. Never Stop is #19. You’ll also get a link to vote for your 2 favorite films.